back The Future Has Arrived With Spray-On Clothes – 24 May 2013

The Future Has Arrived With Spray-On Clothes – 24 May 2013

Spraying clothes directly onto your body from a can sounds like an incredibly farfetched idea. However, this technology has been around for the last 13 years.

The brainchild of Spanish fashion designer and chemist Manel Torres, Fabrican is a sprayable liquid that instantly turns into fabric.

Torres’ invention involves a liquid suspension filled with short fibers that can be sprayed out of a can.

The fibers adhere to each other, and once set, it can even be washed and re-worn.

The texture of the fabric can also be changed by simply changing the type of fibers in the liquid.

Although the primary application of Fabrican lies in the fashion industry, it is interesting to explore the other areas in which it can be used.

Torres said that because Fabrican comes directly out of a can, it is sterilized, and therefore could see some medical usage as bandages and casts.

Fabrican can also be combined with nano-technology or drugs, thus creating instant medicinal patches like a nicotine patch.

There are even some plans to explore spraying it on a large scale to clean up and control oil spills.

Torres recently formed a company to make the technology both cheaper and more feasible.

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